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WikiMANNia: men organized the first international

Tuesday, 08 April 2014

WikiMANNia sind nach etlichen Gesprächen und intensivem Mailaustausch eine transatlantische Partnerschaft eingegangen. A Voice for Men and WikiMANNia have entered into a transatlantic partnership after several conversations and intense email exchange. WikiMANNia, founded in early 2009 by popular demand, is an online encyclopedia that provides fast access to relevant facts. Main topics are the preference of women and discrimination against men in politics, jurisprudence and society. The goal of WikiMANNia is to provide an overview of men's movement, women in the workplace, false accusations, family law and feminist criticism. It should be available to all who fight against injustice in the above areas, an argument help.

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Video: The Gender Equality Paradox

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

, dass die staatliche Genderforschung des Nordic Institut ab 2012 mit einem ursprünglichen Jahresbudget von 56 Millionen Euro geschlossen wird. The end of May learned the association agens that the state of the Nordic Gender Research Institute as of 2012 closed with an initial annual budget of 56 million euros. . Freundlicherweise hat sich jemand bereit erklärt, den ersten Beitrag der 7-teiligen Dokumentation mit deutschen Untertiteln zu versehen, dessen ersten Teil ich nachfolgend eingestellt habe. This was preceded a documentation of the Norwegian comedian Harald Eia, which already with English subtitles in early March on Youtube has been set . Kindly someone has agreed to provide the first contribution of the 7-part documentary with subtitles, the first part, I set below have.

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Gender mainstreaming in higher education

Friday, December 30, 2011

On streitbar.eu Dr. Harald Schulze has written an instructive essay on gender mainstreaming at universities. an Hochschulen laut wird, obwohl viele Wissenschaftler, egal ob Männer oder Frauen, das Konzept für ausgemachten Blödsinn halten. He draws the totalitarian traits in higher education, and that reminds the wording of the identified processes to plan measures and targets from a different ideological system on German soil. Towards the end the question is answered, why no criticism of the system and the ideology of gender mainstreaming in higher education, according to , although many scientists, whether men or women hold, the concept for the appointed nonsense.

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Femokratie News 226-2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Women as an oppressed group suppressed in contrast to other groups
In the debate about feminism and men as a bogeyman it was also about the oppression of the group by the group man and woman of the drawbacks is the woman in patriarchy. A common counter-argument is that there reproduced by Adrian, which is that there are women that they are oppressed, surprisingly goes well in comparison to other groups, and also in relation to the oppressing men: "The only oppressed group that lives longer, higher education, and a higher real income than the oppressor has and is socially acceptable to let the oppressor work for you. " Everything Evolution

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Femokratie News 194-2011 (2)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tickets for the women's World Cup finals · ins for nen '"Fuffi"
Tickets for the semi-finals or final of the Women's World Cup? Following the resignation of Germany no problem. The presale delivered quickly and Ebay for dumping price. · Focus

Reasons for the underrepresentation of women in mathematical subjects
A study examines socio-cultural and biological reasons for the low number of women in the sciences: Everything Evolution - Mostly in English

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Gender Mainstreaming in the CSU

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An event of the CSU on gender mainstreaming was obviously a debacle. g ens Mitglied war bei dem vom Münchner Bezirksverband organisierten Auftritt der Leiterin der Gleichstellungsstelle für Frauen der Stadt München, Michaela Pichlbauer dabei und hat darüber berichtet. A a g ens member of the Head of the Equality Body for women of the city of Munich, Michaela Pichlbauer was organized at the Munich district association appearance there and reported on it. The speaker - it is after all, head of the Equality Body for women in Munich, further, since 2003, an advisor to the University of Augsburg for gender mainstreaming and consultant since 2005 the city of Munich for gender budgeting -, was shockingly clueless.

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Gender-neutral agricultural support policies

Friday, May 06, 2011

So now it has caught the agriculture. It's not so that you would not have guessed: discrimination against women takes place in more areas rather than one of us can imagine. To still be able to scoop up more funding to political parties do not seem too bad to look more perceived discrimination. Presumably there is this also where we would not even guess what. As was to be expected, the SPD and the Greens have connected the demands of the Left in the plenary session of the Bundestag.

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CSU discussed gender mainstreaming at 19.05. in Munich

Friday, May 06, 2011

Information about the event:

May 19, 2011 · 18:00 clock
Inn lion & lozenge, Nymphenburgerstraße 64,
80335 Munich
Sign up:
CSU Bezirksverband Munich
Adam Straße 2, 80636 Munich
Phone: 089/1215370
Fax: 089/186 045
E-mail: muenchen © csu bayern.de

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Critical articles on gender equality policy

Monday, April 11, 2011

It is rare enough before, appear critical articles on gender equality policy, so we should support it. With a comment we would further indicate how important this topic is.

Isabel Henriques of the Giessen newspaper has covered a wide arc around the issue of gender mainstreaming. The article is also noteworthy that were attached to a number of source evidence, such as "gender mainstreaming - Political sex change" by Volker Zastrow. Two other key points Without mentioning of Alice Schwarzer highly praised John Money and the "fun & care nursery" in Vienna. The latter wants to bring boys, among other things, criticism from the staff and in particular to bear without resistance by girls. For these reasons, the contribution is simply recommended.

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1 Equality Report of the Federal Government

Sunday, January 30, 2011

gleichstellung-gender-mainstreaming-gleichberechtigung-mann-maenner-frau-frauen des 1. Gleichstellungsberichts der Bundesregierung ist mir klar, warum Kristina Schröder plötzlich für eine Frauenquote ist. After reading the summary of the first report on equality of the Federal Government's clear to me why Kristina Schröder is suddenly for a women's quota. After all, the report cites "expert opinion" and a commission consisting of 6 women and 3 men has designed this. As you can imagine no doubt, women in this report are those who are at a disadvantage and, accordingly, need to be further promoted. The primary objective seems to be the work-life balance for women. I found interesting was the finding of the Commission, today's pensioners are well secured. However, there were complaints that the wealth positions of married women between the ages of men are dependent.

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Parliamentary speeches against Kristina Schröder

Monday, November 22, 2010

bundestag-bmfsfj-haushaltsdebatte-2011-1 As was to be expected, the interview of the Federal Minister Kristina Schröder was repeatedly mentioned negatively in the speeches. Sometimes some women from the opposition slipped into the ridiculous.

As Ms lobster was often questioned by the SPD lately on Abgeordnetenwatch about men disadvantage, I put a few paragraphs from her presentation here three relevant sentences, I emphasize.:

With her ​​(note: Kristina Schröder) slogan "Now men are turn," she pours oil on the fire. It reinforces old resentments and prejudices and makes men against women.

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Members of the new Advisory Board Young policy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

German Family Minister Schröder: "Equal opportunities policy must take into account the needs of both sexes"

Members of the new Advisory Board Young appointed policy

The federal government appoints an advisory board for the first time Young policy. The Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Kristina Schröder, today the experts on the panel before. The main task of the Advisory Board is to advise the policy and to develop suggestions for appropriate policy programs.

[..] The Advisory Board Young policy consists of scientists and researchers as well as practitioners working with boys. As experts in their own added six male adolescents. The Board will, among others, explore the lives of the boys on the spot and submit a final report in 2013.

Be appointed to the advisory board of the Science:

meuser-michael-profdr Prof. Dr. Michael Meuser - Chairman of the Faculty of Education and Sociology at the University of Dortmund • gender mainstreaming. Concepts, areas of action • Google: Prof. Dr. Michael Meuser

calmbach-marc-dr Dr. Marc Calmbach Director - Social Research Institute at the sinusoidal Heidelberg / Berlin • Youth, Migration, Gender and (political) Education • Google: Dr. Marc Calmbach

toprak-ahmet-prof-dr Prof. Dr. Ahmed Toprak is a German professor of education at the Fachhochschule Dortmund and is devoted to topics with an intercultural approach.
Wikipedia: Ahmet Toprak • Google: Ahmet Toprak

Prof. schultheis-klaudia-prof-dr Dr. Klaudia Schultheis - Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Department of Primary Education gender constructions of boys in primary school. From 1994 - 2007 women's representatives in various bodies .
Google: Prof. Dr. Klaudia SchultheisHomepage

In practice:

melcher-marc1 Marc Melcher - Project Coordinator Transfer Agency "Social Voluntary Service for Boys" at the Joint Educational Institute (Federal Association) Individual Assistance in the promotion of gender-sensitive boy

koesters1 Dr. Winfried Kösters - Freelance journalist, engaged in youth work • Advising the Bertelsmann Foundation in matters of demography, integration and education • consulting and project management Children's Network eV, Aschaffenburg

The six young people who belong to the Advisory Board as experts in their own right, are being selected and presented at the inaugural meeting of the Advisory Board in February 2011 [ here ]

From 6 members so hang on at least 4 of the gender ideology. Worse, it could hardly have come from my point of view. Professor Toprak cares mainly about the integration of children and young migrants; Dr. Koster depends on the Bertelsmann Foundation. One has in this advisory precisely those assembled, attach the political commitment to gender mainstreaming.

The jumping jacks of feminists

Monday, September 27, 2010

unterwerfung-dominant-mann-maenner-frau-frauen1 The new M-Class

Prove the judgments of the European Court of Justice in 2009, the Federal Constitutional Court in 2010 to end decades of discrimination against fathers and children in Germany and the non-or hardly discussion of these judgments in the media and politics, which was to be expected since at least the Eva Hermann Kerner scandal: The feminists in the media and politics undermined with the help of their male puppets freedom of expression and democracy in Germany and indeed in such a large extent that the basic human rights of large populations are enforceable only from the outside. This scandal is a further indication of the utter failure of German media as the fourth political force.

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Equality in rural areas

Monday, September 20, 2010

gendermainstreaming-mann-frau1 hib message • 2010_09/2010_293/04

In the Bundestag listed: gender equality
Food and Agriculture / response - 17.09.2010

Berlin: secure (hib / CPW / MPI) To the legal requirements for gender equality in the EU, the gender aspect in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) should be considered. As the Federal Government in its reply ( 17/2879 ) on the question by the group of The Left ( 17/2799 ) further writes that she supported the plans of the current Belgian Presidency in the area of gender equality and have the recommendation of the predecessor from Spain in April 2010 welcomed. It provides for, among other things, the establishment of a legal framework to support gender equality and for the introduction of gender issues in the CAP before [ here ]

The request of the Left furthermore contains the following heading:

Situation of women and girls in small towns and villages

Meanwhile, not already reported by women and children, but quite bold of women and girls. Another comment I save to ;-)

Women cut again worse

Monday, September 13, 2010

medizin-aufnahmetest-eignungstest-uni-wien1 In August 2009, I had stopped here a detailed article about the alleged discrimination of women at universities in Vienna in med entrance test [ here ]

Now Vice Rector Reibnegger has again noted that it has women in spite of the improved "Situational Judgement Test" again not enough to prove their case the Matura (Abitur) won "superiority".

Also the new "Situational Judgement Test", the first time this year was used in addition to the mandatory knowledge test and reading comprehension test, could alter that imbalance. In this test, the candidates had to explain how they would deal with certain medical situations. Men and women cut here similar well: "The Situational Judgement Test is apparently gender-neutral, while the knowledge test is also this year failed again worse for women than for men", says Vice Rector Reibnegger. In the future, should count even more in the final analysis of this test, and this year he was limited in the weighting of 10 percent [ more ]

For me, this means that the critical points are the bend tests until women at least as good, if not do better. God save us from quota physicians ;-)

WGvdL.com forum: women are not socially competent

Male unemployment - an ignored problem

Sunday, September 12, 2010

©by S. Hofschläger/Pixelio.de

The labor market opportunities for young men deteriorate rapidly. Nationwide, their unemployment rate is 60 percent higher than in age-matched women. This development is, however, largely ignored by the policy.
hat Fakten und Hintergründe zur Männerarbeitslosigkeit in einer Analyse zusammengestellt, die Sie hier im pdf-Format lesen können. MAN dat has facts and backgrounds together for male unemployment in an analysis that you here can read in pdf format.

Executive Summary

Boys are becoming losers in the German education system. This is supported by the public education data from the regional databases. Thus, the labor market opportunities for male adolescents and men deteriorate rapidly, which is also evidenced by publicly available statistics. The male youth unemployment is over 60% nationwide, in Bavaria even higher by about 80% than the female. The Berlin Institute for Population and Development is even talk of a new male precarity. These logical developments are, however, largely ignored by the policy, downplayed and even denied. The gender politics still only needs to watch the women's quota. A differentiated analysis of both sexes does not take place. And pragmatically the failure of boys in education and the increase in male unemployment is a win for the women's quota. That might be the reason for ignoring these developments. The gender policy remains a policy of double standards high.

Image © by S. Hofschläger / Pixelio.de

Ironing for Germany!

Monday, August 23, 2010

junge-buegelnd-tag-der-offenen-tuer-bmfsfj3 Many people followed on 21 and 22 August in the sunshine of the invitation to the "state visit". The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, presented his work at the newly building in the Glinka street in Berlin-Mitte [ more ]

On this occasion, there is the homepage of the Ministry of Women, a video, where among other things the Girls' Day and the project "New Paths for Boys" were presented. In this film, a small Stepke was shown who operated an iron. Presumably, some imagine that, our women's ministry not bode well for boys left. This reminds me, the dissent eV is a partner of "New Paths for Boys". Moreover, I have already written a long article on this blog, are in the more important links and was founded my opposition to the Young project [ here ]

Went on to explain in the video Secretary Josef Hecken during a visit to the Minister Office, among other things, that it (in the office) would still be much more interesting, because a State were speaking out of life. Apparently, Minister of State know very well that barely have a clue their bosses and bosses from reality. Who wants to watch the video [ here ]

Thus, one thing is clear: "New Paths for Boys", which already are the education of the nation loser anyway, end on board and can thus room for sociologists, political scientists, specialist in German, lawyers and so on and so forth.

Only one thing does not happen: helping people to overcome the current and pending next-generation problems. This requires above all mathematicians, mechanical engineers, computer scientists, engineers, and (he and be-) creating and practicing scientists and engineers that will help later to co-finance other programs - e ben the MINT professions which are of commercial and this country hence social survival, needed urgently.

To date, the Girls' Day has produced nothing of it! Not at all - on the contrary, "Capt'n Sharky" is booming. A truly "great" tour de force our politicians, lobbyists and NGOs .

So ironing we diligently for the future of this country - until we are all flat.

Arne Hoffmann: "Save Our ​​Sons"
WikiMANNia: Future

FES in Trier - Women power in politics

Monday, August 16, 2010

katharina-die-grosse the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Regional Office Mainz invites cordially invited to the event

"Constant dripping wears away the stone - Girl Power in Politics"

on Tuesday, 31.08.2010, at 18.00 clock in the European Academy of Arts, Aachener Strasse 63, 54294 Trier one.

With former Federal Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Minister of State Malu Dreyer, the deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, Elke Ferner, and Deputy Young Socialist state chairman of Rhineland-Palatinate, Anna Gros, has succeeded in high-profile representatives from three politicians generations to talk to win.

The second highlight is the subsequent chanson evening with Esther Borkam and Sebastian Matz. We would be delighted to welcome you as our guest on the spot and ask you to make interested Known also aware of the event. For this purpose, in advance thank you very much!
Following the official part we invite as always to take a snack / drink. Registration is requested. A registration confirmation will be issued. For further inquiries, we are happy to help you.

With best regards

Stephanie Hepper • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
Regional Office • Mainz Rhineland Palatinate / Saarland
Large bleach 18-20 • 55116 Mainz
Tel: 06131 / 96067-12 • Fax: 06131 / 96067-66
Stephanie.Hepper @ fes.de • www.fes.de / mainz

Should anyone live in Trier and the surrounding area, participation would certainly not bad. Arguments can be found in MANNdat and WikiMANNia ;-)

WikiMANNia: Women in Politicspromoting womenwomen's quota

MANNdat: Feminism was yesterday

Thursday, August 12, 2010

radikalfeminismus-in-die-muelltonne1 Today we tinker bird feeder.

Family Minister Kristina Schröder in an interview with Men's Health / A Post by Eugene mouse

The Men's Health magazine has published an interview with Family Minister Kristina Schröder, and the answers of the Minister could make believe naive minds, the women's ministry will soon razed to the ground and replaced by a Men's Ministry. To counteract this impression, here an analysis of the conversation [ more ]

A sarcastic statement by Eugen mouse that has it all.

Red-green and promote boys stay in NRW is a contradiction

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

jungen-brauchen-maennliche-vorbilder : Rot-Grün und Jungenförderung passen einfach nicht zusammen. MAN dat: red-green and promote boys just do not fit together. This confirms the coalition agreement of the new red-green government in NRW.

While the theme "Women and Girls" sufficient space is given in the coalition agreement of the new red-green government NRW, boys remain on the sidelines once again.

This method not only increasing the educational problems of the boys, as they were confirmed again in the national education report, ignored again. Also, issues such as violence against boys remain taboo. The schedule of the red-green government special force protection facilities are only for girls, so-called "girl houses". The deliberate exclusion of violence affected boys from the new auxiliary equipment is an affront to those who had expected the discussion of the abuse of boys in church institutions have finally led to a longer taboo of violence against boys. It is surprising how straight red-green is still rooted in old role stereotypes, where there is no space for male victims.

The guided by a female double top state government is continuing the disastrous practice of the former red-green federal government, which implemented a gender-specific youth policy with the exclusion of boys from the Future, the characteristics of which was the mere omission of boys.

Furthermore, there is the establishment of special agencies for women working on the plan. The fact that the male youth unemployment in NRW is higher by almost 60%, as the female, and the trend is rising, the new government does not seem interested.

"The Red-Green gender policy is limited even today exclusively on the women's quota. . And from a purely pragmatic, of course, any boy who fails in education and any man who is unemployed, a win for the women's quota, "said Dr. Bruno Köhler from club MAN dat.


When I read that, I do not even want to imagine what will run when red-green should ask the federal government once again to me. Gender justice is to definitely see no trace. Ultimately confirmed this coalition agreement, know what Männerrechtler long time: gender mainstreaming is pure women.

Coalition agreement of the red / green NRW government