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Petition to health risks of divorce orphans

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Text of the petition

The German Bundestag may decide to practice in separation and divorce to fundamentally re-think and organize in terms of emotional health risks of divorce orphans.


In Germany, there are approximately 2.3 million divorce orphans. Approximately 1 million of these children lose contact with a parent of virtual reasons to be permanent and have thereby suffer a significant risk emotionally or physically. Virtual means, a loving and caring parent is no longer transmitted by the other parent by the proliferation of non-facts, or facts which are created for their own child. These children are thus often sick. There are "made" destinies, of which very many could be preemptively prevented.

Controversial separation and divorce of parents are harmful for the children concerned, as the death of a close relative or serious illness of parents. This has been shown in independent studies by German, American, New Zealand research groups, Prof. Adrian Gillesse, Dr. Irina Lehmann, including so-called over. IgE antibodies in cord blood, as well as stress-related peptide on immune markers.

60% of youth suicides are from so-called "Broken Home" situations (separation-divorce)

For preventive prevention of fate made there is no alternative to training of all involved.

Youth services is the jurisdiction task transmitted by the legislator to assist the youth and to support families with offers of help, especially when it comes to family crisis situations. This law-order can not sufficiently meet youth services by far. For example, can the federal structure virtually no cooperation between youth services across national borders to when a parent with children over the border of a state "refuge". There is great need for improvement. There is a lack of effective federal guidelines that allows a solution-oriented cooperation between the federal states.

Family court proceedings, which are often last much longer than 5 years no seal of quality for a careful procedural process, but the evidence that many children and parents take great emotional damage and the resulting treatment costs considerable financial burden on the social community. The impact of the trauma makes it impossible for the victims of the hard cases appropriate to the situation to position themselves and articulate, because in these cases often psychiatry visits are necessary and it is significant to suicidal acts of desperation. It should here sustainable new prevention solutions are built. Solution-oriented, enlightening and timely communication about family courts has not been provided in the process.

The author asks to be allowed to audition as part of this petition personally.

With the request for signing the petition I have set the same here [ the petition ]

Ursula von der Leyen defends himself

Sunday, July 26, 2009

zensursula "My nickname of 'Zensursula' I find patent"

Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen is a winner of the reign of the grand coalition. But at last they came increasingly under criticism, partly because of their law to block websites containing child pornography. In an interview, "Welt am Sonntag" defends their line [ more ]

Who wants to read their "arguments", please. I just say blablabla

Parasitism on the people costs

Sunday, July 26, 2009

If I put myself to the level of our politicians, I should have written: Full eaten on the people costs. But since there is a threshold of pain for me too, I have decided for the above title. Well then ... ;-)

When I found below hib message on my feeds, I wondered to publish them. 81 million Euro for 3 days I was already more than fierce. Then came the message of the Berlin look around and there it was clear that I need to publish the article.

Pure cynicism of the Chancellor against vulnerable. Union wants to introduce legislation after the election forced labor service [ here ]

In this paper, reference is made ​​to an interview on the Chancellor World Online.

"Or is your life dream about Hartz IV?"
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in our interview three students from Berlin-Kreuzberg, for how just keeps Germany: Hartz IV do not want to raise, unjust it is the lack of nursery places [ here ]

About expenditure by government to citizens can discuss the time, even on Hartz IV. But after the Berlin Umschau wrote the introduction of a geetzlichen forced service, which is available in the rest of men in the form of conscription already, I have the government's program of CDU / CSU downloaded sitemgr [ here ]
Other than the official introduction of a compulsory service for unemployed I have found nothing, but I consider it a disgrace to read 64 pages CDU / CSU program, why me this does not completely succeed. In most places, but I did not know if I should laugh or more but cry. However, anyone who is interested in the future policy of the CDU / CSU, which should be read by the program.
Below now the article on the 3-day issues of our Director squads in Heiligendamm.

hib message • 220/2009 • Date: 23/07/2009

G8 summit in Heiligendamm cost the federal government 81 million euros

Economics and Technology / response

Berlin: (hib / MIC / HIL) The Federal Government, including its subordinate authorities for the G8 summit in Heiligendamm in the summer of 2007 was spent around 81 million euros. This is evident from the response of the Federal Government ( 16/13540 ) to an inquiry of the Left Party ( 16/13315 forth). Of these, 22.5 million euros went to the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as a lump sum special additional security measures in the framework of the preparation and execution of the summit. For the use of the federal police emerged additional costs of EUR 15.1 million and EUR 3.6 million at the BKA. The cost of supporting performance by the German Army were 13.9 million euros according to the government. Additional security measures through the use of the THW would have cost € 737,051.30, the use of the customs administration was calculated at 1.1 million euros. For official food and catering for the 2,500 delegates expenses of € 565,000 were incurred, says the answer [ here ]

The reply of the Federal Government:

2. What did the 1.5 peak days in total actually cost?

Reference is made to the answer to question 1. For correction should be added that the G8 summit in Heiligendamm in 2007 lasted three days on 6 June 2007 to 8 June 2007.

3. What was actually from the 24 million euro, which has taken over loud administrative agreement with the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of the total of the federal government, paid and from which departments did this money?


7. [..] Overall incurred during the G8 Summit on official food and catering for the approximately 2,500 delegates and for the directly applied at the venue organizational and security personnel costs in the amount of approximately 565 000 EUR.

There are things that even if they have to publish, off-topic.
Moreover, authors of Wikipedia have also written an article for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, there is even EURO costs of over 90 million reported [ here ]

You should absolutely discuss the issues of our Poltiker, because after this article is only me one thing clear: The biggest parasites sitting in our parliaments.

Forced Service (for) men

2008: 12250 Sorgerechtsentzüge

Friday, July 24, 2009

Destatis - Press Release # 269 from 17.07.2009

WIESBADEN - Because no threat to the child's welfare was different not prevent the courts have ruled in Germany in 2008, 12 250 cases in the total or partial withdrawal of parental authority. This divides the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). The legal basis for this measure is § 1666 of the Civil Code (BGB). In 9100, the courts of transferred custody of all or part of the youth welfare offices, in other cases, an individual or a club.

During a partial withdrawal of parental authority as the residence determination or assets concern is withdrawn. In the transmission of partial custody to a youth welfare office (26%) were given only the residence determination in 2 350 cases. The residence determination the power is connected, to make decisions in everyday life.

The number of legal actions for loss of custody has over Germany (excluding Berlin, where a significant under-reporting was established in 2007) compared to 2007 increased by about 8% [ here ]

I admit that I am facing this issue ambiguous. On one hand, hear and read by many facts to neglected children and on the other hand I know myself some cases where fathers groundless custody has been withdrawn, even though their children had to live partially in the mothers in chaotic, run-down conditions. Furthermore, I have had to learn very often, rather give the youth welfare offices, courts and other institutions children in foster care, as the biological father.

Another sad aspect is the fact that apparently foster parents or mothers of families may be insufficient, as the case Talea been verified. Anyone who wants to find out, is to Google a lot of information [ more ]

To get an impression of the case Talea, you can look at a related video [ here ]
Again, the father fought to be allowed to care for his child, but despite custody of the youth welfare office has prevented this. Therefore, the small Talea had to die :-(

Proportion of female promotions rises to 42%

Friday, July 24, 2009

Destatis - Press Release # 266 from 16.07.2009

WIESBADEN - 2007 10 000 doctorates were awarded to women. According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) thus increased the proportion of women at all promotions to 42%. In 2000, he was still at 34%. Federal and state governments have set themselves the goal of improving career opportunities for women in teaching and research. Among the Studienanfängerinnen- and -anfängern 2007 young women were also well represented with a share of 50% as their male counterparts. 2007 by the first-time graduates at German universities were even 52% women.

In professional positions in research and teaching However, women are still under-represented in higher its share of the scientific and artistic staff at German universities in 2007 was about one-third (34%). Compared to 2000, an increase of six percentage points. In the highest positions of teaching and research are found to be very few women: Although the percentage of women compared to 2000 increased by six percentage points in 2007, only 16% of professors were women. In the highest grades (C4 / W3) the proportion of women was as high as 12% [ here ]

Well, who say because it is yet. Eventually, the whole funding must still pay off ;-)

Harmony and future divorce?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Purple street sign for divorce Advertising

On the basis of a contribution in WGvdL forum I got to see the picture above and just said: I can no longer falls much a ;-)

Then the user "eagle" felt compelled to write a sarcastic contribution that I set here with his permission


But ChrisTine what kind of question is that? That's quite easy to understand.

What had to suffer the poor woman in marriage. In dozens of times over congested Only budget, they could only with difficulty, cope, so completely on their own provided all day long. Not that there's anything, sometimes more, sometimes less, but rather more would be left when the evening then returned to work drone.

But she was nu there. And what happened? She wanted nothing to cook food for themselves and their Overloaded, did not want to wash, do not iron, do not vacuuming, no cleaning windows -Nothing! This was, of course dispute. This outrageous talk back there ... Terrible! This made the Congested course terribly angry. The more Widerworte he was, the angrier she became. Until they finally -dazu he had now brought - threw cups, ashtrays and chairs for him.

But the monster was still no peace, sought further on. So they took the table leg and kitchen knife in his hand and went over to the melee, the last resort so. So it had its eV sisters in Lesbian Task Force Southwest always advised. The drone did as expected: struggled, fought back, hit so! What a Dantesque Inferno, a drone strikes the Queen!

In mock terror The Princess and the Pea runs into the street, calling not let the pig that they are, fell in panic but smooth down the stairs and cried, screamed in different languages ​​to help as loudly as she could.

An ambulance was called. Brought them to the hospital. There, the doctors agreed dutifully police. When the settled describe the most serious injuries, who were also not to be overlooked -Beckenprellung right, bruise the right side of the face, complicated! Fracture of the right wrist as it was immediately alarmed by the district manager agreed a SEK.

This detail, all men except for the leader Lara Croft Emma minus Wittgenstein sat down now without hesitation immediately in march. When the pig now saw the huge police presence, it immediately realized that it had no chance and came as ordered only with a underpants (it was a very cold winter evening in January this year) and with their hands from the -from now to no longer seiner- apartment, even if he had paid the.

That was the preamble. And now we come to your question:

On the way home from the hospital, on foot, the arms, the car was still before now her apartment, she was now randomly past that shown cute-little purple billboard. Maybe she was already talking about the Women's Center of Competence (F-KZ) Department of Women's Emergency Relief SOS (F-NS) of the autonomous, though essentially of the City of Vienna funded, experienced woman Vienna them, but that they did not know now ,

Anyway, she went in there and was immediately very knowledgeable and full of advise female empathy.

And so she took her statutory transition, the harmony and the future. Dr. Karin Wessely, lawyer, in Vienna station in Mödling she advised immediately made fachfrauisch. Outsmart she was. She had learned during their latest collaboration with the constitutional duty of the Austrian Federal Chancellery (1994-95).

First, it was important, as long as the pig was still in prison, to provide all important for the maintenance of armed papers (bank statements, proof of incomes, etc.) aside, and somewhere safe to store. Best also equal to remove all joint accounts empty and at its own accounts.

For more worried now a lawyer Dr Karin Wessely from Vienna to the station in 2340 Mödling. She obtained a instant Apartment reference (THE offender goes!), And a restraining order from generous 300 m for the brutal thugs. The enforcement among others attended a round-the-clock surveillance of the apartment by a delegation of at least 6 with whistles and pepper spray armed struggle Lesbians from the F-NS of the Autonomous Women city of Vienna and the Sisters Association of Lesbian Task Force West, which in itself shifts alternated.

And lawyer Dr. Karin Wessely from Vienna had promised, the latter because of imminent danger, urgent action by the now locked-working drone, which was indeed a pig, as now all knew in the street, would be paid handsomely.

Now had to be taken only for the future of the poor woman OpferIn. It was a breeze for trained in such things and very experienced lawyer Dr. Karin Wessely from Vienna. Based on the geschafften aside the papers racket was successfully sued for maintenance until the statutory deductible. That the OpferIn is her life not have to work, but must become eligible, but a professional psychologist's opinion of Professor Doktrix Helena Xanthippe of Nodrigstein had caused the tower from the woman city of Vienna. This was in fact found that the OpferIn the brutal grip is now charged posttraumatic so that they long their lives! never be able to be more effective to concentrate more than half an hour at one thing. So This incapacity to grave.

Hip and was granted several months, levels for urgent inpatient relaxation therapy at the clinic for heavy-traumatized. A German soldier, around Afghanistan in just three of his comrades had been blown to shreds and rained down on him had, unfortunately, stand back. Sorry, but it is now time life in Feminat.

This was followed by a 12-week Bachblütenthearapie at the Department of overburdened women GmbH and CEO Professor Doktrix Helena Xanthippe Nodrigstein of the tower and its Substitute Attorney Dr. Karin Wessely from Vienna.

Back in her own now arrived belonging apartment, there was nothing more that could now even more disturbing. A feminine tranquility surrounded her and turned in with her. The Feldenkrais lessons, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Raja and power yoga, which were now held in her, much too large for her own apartment and the tea party by candlelight and incense promoted this course immensely.

She also explores also visited various VHS courses "Women only", such as "top shape by doing nothing - Repetitive stress reduction through meditation training". More from the areas of face painting, theater work, painting & drawing mandalas made of glass, dance, did the rest.

And so it was. the rest of this womanly now could you alone belong apartment, but it was for them alone actually too big gradually pass on the OpferIn. And eventually grew out of this now inner peace a profound sense of incredible inner and outer HARMONY. And for the material framework that would remain so in all FUTURE so, but so had the lawyer Dr. Karin Wessely from Vienna worried. And that is why the sign.

I know what's bothering you here. You wonder what happens to the bat. But such thoughts are not outdated and outmoded waste the story of thousands of years Patriarchate, but this is now overcome, to the best of us all. For what bothers you, now does not do anything more to the point. Are important to the gods and goddesses alone, for the determination of its prosperity. What else is there yet, but is unnecessary ballast, which nevertheless really nobody should be more serious charge.

Apparently, you've really made a holiday, all the weeks and you genderistisch not trained. Such sloppiness but this country is not at all desirable. Something brought before an invitation to a Baptist Kerner with integrated public show trial, including execution and is ever fully the


Greeting, eagle

Thread: Lila divorce lawyer

Federal government acted unconstitutional

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Federal Constitutional Court - Press office -
Press release no. 84/2009 of 23 July 2009
Decision of 17 June 2009 - 2 BVE 3/07 -

Limited issue of statement permits and refusal to hand over documents to BND investigative committee partly unconstitutional

[..] The committee dealt first with the complexes of spread of E and K and heard to members and officials of the Federal Government (defendant) and its subordinate authorities as witnesses. Repeatedly denied the witnesses referring to a statement issued permit them only limited further information or gave to questions from members of the Committee no answer. Furthermore, the federal government refused to allow the investigation committee repeatedly submitting Files or parts.

The limitations of the evidence permits, the non-disclosure of the requested documents and organizational charts, and state the reasons to have disputed the applicants with their various applications specifically designated in the organ contentious proceedings before the Federal Constitutional Court.

The Second Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the eligible applications are predominantly founded. The Federal Government (defendant) has the limitation of the statement permits for witnesses put through the interpretation of these restrictions and by the refusal to supply the requested files with the purpose given insufficient reasons the information and investigation law of the German Bundestag under Art. 44 of the Basic Law Standard-rate invoke a constitutional reasons - as the core area of executive ownership and reasons of the welfare state - that set the parliamentary legal limits, is sufficient in any case, [ more ]

It is not the first and probably not the last time that politicians act grundgesetz hostile. But it is at least good to know that they are at least now and sentenced to because of that. One can only hope that this is helpful for future Urtei committees of inquiry.

Whether politicians will consider this judgment, I doubt it, because, as some readers know here determines the Federal Republic by the European Court of Human Rights has often been sentenced for human rights violations. A change of attitude has not yet taken place. Therefore, 'may' youth offices, courts and other institutions continue to make human rights violations and not a politician does something about it. Well, the next entry is already in progress, finally, we must expose our politicians, at least where they act grundgesetz hostile, because we do not have a Constitution so, which also violates the fundamental law ;-)

Tasks of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Zypries family is where children are

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zypries presents research project

Federal Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries today presented together with the Deputy Director of the Institute for Family Studies at the University of Bamberg, Dr. Marina Rupp, a study on the situation of children in same-sex partnerships. Subject of the investigation was the question of how children grow up in so-called rainbow families and whether the child's welfare is safeguarded in these communities alike as heterosexual parents [ more ]

After reading the article of the BMJ, I can not quite exceptionally, the argument seal. Too much suffering and violence have not only myself experienced as a child and young people in order to be able to state heterosexual families are the ideal environment for children.
Rather, I am of the opinion that to look for somewhere else the problems of education in general of children. If some federal ministries would finally confess to the violence by mothers and fathers of children is committed, then would be one of the last taboos in our society where it belongs - in public. But as long as mothers are spared and only threatens the policy with the index finger on crimes committed as long as the cycle of violence will continue indefinitely.

Below is the link to the BMJ article on "More rights for same-sex partner" [ here ]

On this page are links to find more about the following topics:

  • Legislative procedure
  • Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Speech by Minister

Research report "The situation of children in same-sex civil unions"
WikiMANNia - Domestic Violence

Astrid von Friesen in SWR Night Cafe

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Excerpt from the consignment from 6/19/09 entitled "problem area woman!"

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

First, I set the exact wording of the first part of the feminist Sybille Plogstedt.

After asking the moderator whether women despite feminism still have difficult in our society responds woman Plogstedt:

I think yes, it has changed a bit in some areas, it has changed a lot in the public sector, there are whole areas that are completely underexposed. You really only need to look to the Catholic Church, for example, or on the military; because although women are inside, thanks to Alice Schwarzer, to say so to speak, but career they do not because, of course, and there are still and that is the main point, unequal pay, this is something zementenes and apparently an iron law, the one with a male member consumes more money than women (laughter of the other women), and the point has remained etws problem area man (Moderator: "that is open anti-men" - but that probably should sound rather ridiculous)

Then the facilitator says Astrid von Friesen, which has to listen to a man, what they are saying? Are women still the favored sex?

On the part of Astrid von Friesen, I will not go that everyone should listen to yourself. Up to the beginning where it says that women are still disadvantaged in some areas, but they argued ultimately on our line and it was at her facts enumerated sometimes quiet in the studio.

Unfortunately I can not see this show, but I am glad to be able to at least present this excerpt thanks to a reference of the user "vomTurm".

UvdL protested against blockades

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This post is older and I really wanted this even comment, but ... the one hand, it gives me so soon after the holiday even some effort to focus on the Politikersermon, on the other hand has to gather the facts but took some time, so the I because the latter simply publish this post. Maybe yes but for one or the other a few interesting facts here.

Greeting - Christine

Ursula von der Leyen protested against blockade of partial parental allowance and child protection

German Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen made the announcement of the SPD to stop the plans partly parents money and Child Protection Act criticized. The minister urged the parliamentarians said in a statement, not to block the planned legislative changes in the interest of parents and children [ more ]

Ursula von der Leyen: "Political total blockade of the SPD parliamentary harms broadly parents and children"

[..] The blockade of the Child Protection Act, the SPD parliamentarians are playing with fire. The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, and all states have learned their lessons from terrible cases like Lea-Sophie and Kevin. Not only there, the file was too long and not looked at the child in his environment. Alle Experten sind sich einig, dass rechtzeitige Hausbesuche Leben retten können, insbesondere bei Säuglingen kommt es auf jeden Tag an [ mehr ]

hib-Meldung • 153/2009 • Datum: 25.05.2009

Skepsis gegenüber der Pflicht zum Hausbesuch

Berlin: (hib/CHE) Den Plan der Bundesregierung, in einem neuen Kinderschutzgesetz (16/12429) Haubesuche des Jugendamtes bei gefährdeten Familien gesetzlich vorzuschreiben, stößt bei Experten auf Kritik. In einer öffentlichen Anhörung des Ausschusses für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend am Montagnachmittag überwog bei den Sachverständigen außerdem Skepsis gegenüber dem Plan einer verpflichtenden Informationsweitergabe durch Berufsgeheimnisträger wie Ärzte, aber auch Lehrer, Erzieher oder Bademeister [ mehr ]

Blockaden beim Kinderschutz

[..]Nach der Anhörung teilten die SPD-Abgeordneten der CDU mit, dass sie das Gesetzesverfahren stoppen wollen. Aus der Vorlage spreche “Regulierungswut”, sagte Humme. Wichtiger als neue Melde-Vorschriften sei die Vernetzung zwischen Einrichtungen, Beratungs- und Hilfsangebote an Familien und eine bessere Ausbildung, zum Beispiel für Ärzte.

[..]Familienministerin von der Leyen wirft der SPD nun vor, “mit dem Feuer” zu spielen. Wer bundeseinheitliche Regeln für den Umgang der Jugendämter mit Hausbesuchen blockiere, handele politisch fahrlässig. Schließlich habe das Ministerium seine Lehren aus den “schrecklichen Fällen von Lea-Sophie und Kevin gezogen” – Kinder die von ihren Eltern misshandelt wurden und starben.

[..]Auch Johannes Singhammer, familienpolitischer Sprecher der Unionsfraktion verteidigte den Entwurf gegenüber SPIEGEL ONLINE. “Der Gesetzentwurf gibt den Amtsträgern mehr Rechtssicherheit.” Unter anderem sollten mit dem Gesetz die Schweigepflicht von Ärzten gelockert und gleichzeitig die Meldepflichten von Erziehern und Betreuern erweitert werden [ SPON ]

Kinderschutzgesetz auf dem Prüfstand

Kritik von Sachverständigen • Die SPD will das Gesetzesvorhaben aufgeben, viele Experten halten es für unpraktikabel. Vor allem verpflichtende Hausbesuche des Jugendamts seien problematisch. VON NICOLE JANZ [ taz ]

Leise Schreie

Bald soll ein neues Kinderschutzgesetz verabschiedet werden. Doch es gibt viele Zweifel daran, dass es Kinder tatsächlich besser schützen wird

“Kinderschutz funktioniert nicht in einer Atmosphäre, in der jeder Angst hat, etwas falsch zu machen.” Georg Kohaupt, Familienberater und Psychologe [ hier ]


Montag, 20. Juli 2009


Guten Tag an alle,

der Urlaub ist beendet und im Moment denke ich noch mit grausen an die vielen Beiträge unserer Politiker, die ich per Feed erhalte. Deshalb bitte ich noch ein bischen um Nachsicht, bis ich mich diesem Blog wieder voll und ganz widme.

Oben seht ihr einen Campingplatz auf der Krim, der große gelbe LKW ist unser umgebautes Wohnmobil. Wir sind ca. 7.000km gefahren und sind von der Ukraine wohl angetan. Viele Menschen sind auf uns zugekommen und wir konnten uns mit gebrochenem englisch oder sogar auf deutsch teilweise unterhalten. Alles in allem war es eine wunderschöne Reise und die Ukraine wird uns wohl wiedersehen.

Bis dahin werde ich dieses Blog aber erst einmal mit Beiträgen füllen, damit ich mich auf den nächsten Urlaub freuen kann ;-)

Herzliche Grüße – ChrisTine